Top 10 cars to attract women

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Land Rover Defender
Turn up in a gleaming Chelsea tractor and most women will think you’re a prat intent on destroying the ozone layer, melting the icecaps and clubbing baby seals. Turn up in an old Landie though and she’ll believe you spend your weekends planting forests, leading mountain rescue teams and birthing calves. Inspired by the WWII Jeep, the Land Rover was launched in 1948 and panelled in aluminium due to a post-war steel shortage. The car’s long association with the armed forces will do your image no harm at all or chuck a couple of bales of hay in the back and casually drop a few references to your country estate to do wonders for your chances of getting lucky. The Tomb Raider spec short wheelbase number is the butchest. Just don’t make the mistake of actually driving your date anywhere as she’ll soon be frozen, deafened and shaken to the core with very little interest in romance.

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