There is a story I read once about a family that survived a plane crash in the Western American desert. The plane was in a small canyon out of sight. The family of three moved out of the canyon to a site that was easily visible and waited for rescue. They were experienced campers and survived for over 50 days before running completely out of supplies and dying. Other people were aware that the survivors were there but thought that they were just campers. No one knew that they were crash survivors waiting to be rescued. The point of the story was that if you need help make sure that potential rescuers know that you need help.

Dus onderschat nooit de stupiditeit van de mens en zorg voor je eigen redding. Laat zien dat je hulp nodig hebt! De bovenstaande tekst heb ik de website van Teri-Ann Wakemann die een zeer informatieve website heeft over (voornamelijk Series) Land Rovers. Ze beschrijft hier ook wat ze meeneemt om de wereld kenbaar te maken wanneer ze hulp nodig heeft.: